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9 January - 27 January

Advanced School and Conference on Representation Theory and Related Topics
Organizer(s): J.A. de la Peña, H. Lenzing, B. Keller, A. Skowronski; Le Dung Trang (ICTP Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 31 August 2005
E-mail: smr1735@ictp.it
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12 January - 13 January

3rd International Workshop on Integrated Climate Models: an Interdisciplinary Assessment of Climate Impacts and Policies
Organizer(s): Director: C. Carraro; Local Organisers: M. Marsili, M. Eberle
E-mail: smr1681@ictp.trieste.it
Activity Information

16 January - 20 January

Advanced Workshop on Recent Developments in Inorganic Materials
Co-sponsor(s): ICMR Santa Barbara, NIMS Japan, TWAS
Organizer(s): Directors: A.K. Cheetham, C.N.R. Rao, M. RühleLocal Organizer: R. Gebauer
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 September 2005
E-mail: smr1737@ictp.it
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23 January - 27 January

School on Mathematical Methods for Optics
Co-sponsor(s): International Commission for Optics (ICO), Optical Society of America (OSA), International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), International Society on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS), Central European Initiative (CEI)
Organizer(s): Directors: V. Lakshminarayanan (Univ. Missouri,U.S.), M.A.Alonso (Univ. of Rochester, U.S.) and T. Visser (Free Univ., Netherlands); ICTP Local Organizer: G. Denardo
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1738@ictp.it
Activity Information

30 January - 10 February

Winter College on Quantum and Classical Aspects of Information Optics
Co-sponsor(s): International Commission for Optics (ICO), Optical Society of America (OSA), International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), International Society on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS), Central European Initiative (CEI)
Organizer(s): Directors: M. Calvo, P. Knight and P. Tombesi; G. Denardo (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1738@ictp.it
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6 February - 17 February

ICTP/INFM-Democritos Workshop on Porting Scientific Applications on Computational GRIDs
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Cozzini, R. Barbera
E-mail: smr1739@ictp.it
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6 February - 24 February

ICTP-ITU-URSI School on Wireless Networking for Development
Organizer(s): Directors: R. Struzak and S. Radicella (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1740@ictp.it
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20 February - 3 March

Workshop on Nuclear Structure and Decay Data: Theory and Evaluation
Organizer(s): A.L. Nichols (IAEA); A. Ventura (ENEA); J.K. Tuli (BNL); C. Tuniz (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1741@ictp.it
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6 March - 10 March

Technical Meeting on Analytical Methods for Characterization of Hot Particles and their Impact on Environment
Organizer(s): D. Wegrzynek, S. Fesenko (IAEA); C. Tuniz (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1742@ictp.it
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6 March - 11 March (11=Sat)

ICTP/Democritos Joint Workshop on Tools for Computational Physics
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Cozzini, R. Rousseau, A. Kohlmeyer
E-mail: smr1743@ictp.it
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13 March - 17 March

Workshop on the Organization and Maintenance of Tropical Convection and the Madden Julian Oscillation
Co-sponsor(s): the Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment (THORPEX), the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
Organizer(s): J. Slingo, F. Molteni, M. Moncrieff, M. Shapiro
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 20 December 2005
E-mail: smr1672@ictp.it
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13 March - 24 March

School on Ion Beam Analysis and Accelerator Applications
Co-sponsor(s): Central European Initiative (CEI)
Organizer(s): G. Battistig (MTA MFA Budapest), N. Dytlewski (IAEA); C. Tuniz (ICTP)
E-mail: smr1744@ictp.it
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27 March - 4 April

Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Gava, K.S. Narain, H. Ooguri, S. Randjbar-Daemi, A. Sen
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 1 January 2006
E-mail: smr1745@ictp.it
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18 April - 28 April

Workshop on Driven States in Soft and Biological Matter
Co-sponsor(s): the National Centre fro Biological Sciences, Bangalore
Organizer(s): Directors: G. Menon, J. Prost, S. Ramaswamy, M. Rao Local Organizer: S. Franz
E-mail: smr1746@ictp.it
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2 May - 19 May

ICTP-COST-USNSWP-CAWSES-INAF-INFN International Advanced School on Space Weather
Co-sponsor(s): Sponsored by ICTP, SCOSTEP/CAWSES, European COST actions 724 and 296, INAF, U.S. National Space Weather Program (NSWP) and INFN.
Organizer(s): Directors: J.M. Forbes, M. Messerotti; S. Radicella (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1749@ictp.it
Activity Information

8 May - 12 May

Topical Consultancy on Tsunami Hazards, in Particular, and Coastal Flooding, in General, for Nuclear Facility Sites
Organizer(s): A. Gürpinar, A.R. Godoy (IAEA); G. Panza (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1748@ictp.it
Activity Information

8 May - 26 May

ICTP School on Synchrotron Radiation and Applications -
in Memory of J.C.Fuggle and L.Fonda
Organizer(s): M. Altarelli, M. Kiskinova
E-mail: smr1750@ictp.it
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15 May - 19 May

The Conduct of Seismic Hazard Analyses for Critical Facilities
Organizer(s): A. Guerpinar, A.R. Godoy (IAEA); G. Panza (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1747@ictp.it
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20 May - 22 May (20=Sat)

International Workshop on X-ray spectromicroscopy and imaging for improving life conditions and human health
Organizer(s): Co-organized by ICTP and Sincrotrone Trieste
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22 May - 26 May

Fifth International Conference on PERSPECTIVES IN HADRONIC PHYSICS Particle-Nucleus and Nucleus-Nucleus Scattering at Relativistic Energies
Co-sponsor(s): the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - INFN),Consorzio per l'incremento degli Studi e delle Ricerche dei Dipartimenti di Fisica dell'Universita' di Trieste, Universita' degli Studi di Perugia, Dipartimento di Fisica
Organizer(s): Directors: C. Ciofi degli Atti, D. Treleani
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 1 May 2006 (second deadline)
E-mail: smr1751@ictp.it
Activity Information

22 May - 26 May

Consultancy on Options For Post-Kyoto Regimes and their Implications for Sustainable Energy Development
Organizer(s): A.I. Jalal and F. Toth (IAEA); F. Giorgi (ICTP Local Organizer)
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1752@ictp.it
Activity Information
Participation by invitation only

29 May - 3 June (3=Sat)

Workshop on String Vacua and the Landscape
Co-sponsor(s): Max-Planck-Institut für Physik - Theorie, Munich, GermanyItalian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)
Organizer(s): Directors: B. Acharya, F. Denef, M. Douglas, S. Kachru, D. Luest, E. Silverstein
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 7 February 2006
E-mail: smr1753@ictp.it
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29 May - 9 June

Third ICTP Workshop on the Theory and Use of Regional Climate Models
Organizer(s): Directors: J. Pal, F. Giorgi, X. Bi, W. Gutowski, X. Gao
E-mail: smr1754@ictp.it
Activity Information

5 June - 9 June

Conference on Drug Development for the Third World
Co-sponsor(s): CNR INFM Democritos - Trieste, Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, Wellcome Trust - London.
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Arnold, W.G.J. Hol, W. Hunter, E. Lattman; P. Carloni (Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1755@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

12 June - 23 June

School and Workshop on Theory and Technology in Quantum Information, Communication, Computation and Cryptography
Organizer(s): Directors: F. Benatti, M. Fannes, R. Floreanini, D. Petritis Local Organizer: R. Zecchina
E-mail: smr1756@ictp.it
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12 June - 30 June

Summer School on Resolution of Singularities
Organizer(s): Directors: D. Cutkosky, J. Kollar, B. Teissier, Le Dung Trang (ICTP Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 January 2006
E-mail: smr1757@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

26 June - 1 July (1=Sat)

Workshop on Ion Beam Studies of Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Modification and Characterization
Organizer(s): Directors: A.P. Pathak, P. Mazzoldi, G. Lulli; C. Tuniz (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1758@ictp.it
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26 June - 8 July (8=Sat)

Project-oriented Advanced Training on Wireless Networking
Organizer(s): Director: Prof. S.M. Radicella
Limited Participation: Participation by invitation only
E-mail: smr1881@ictp.it
Activity Information

3 July - 7 July

Fourth Stig Lundqvist Conference on Advancing Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics
Co-sponsor(s): SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Pinczuk, S. Scandolo, G. Scoles; E. Tosatti (ICTP Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 1 March 2006
E-mail: smr1759@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

10 July - 21 July

College on Physics of Nano-Devices
Co-sponsor(s): I2CAM - International Institute for Complex Adaptive MatterNEC Research Institute Inc.
Organizer(s): Directors: B.L. Altshuler, C.M. Marcus, V.I. Falko, P.B. Littlewood; Local organizer: V. Kravtsov
E-mail: smr1760@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

10 July - 28 July

Summer School in Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (10-21 July) andWorkshop on Nongaussianity in Cosmology (24-28 July)
Organizer(s): Directors: U. Seljak, P. Creminelli
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 1 April 2006
E-mail: smr1761@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

24 July - 29 July (29=Sat)

Conference and School on Modelling Elastic Manifolds: from Soft Condensed Matter to Biomolecules (School: 24-25 July; Conference: 26-29 July)
Organizer(s): Directors: L. Cugliandolo, S. Franz, M. Marsili, C. Micheletti, R. Zecchina
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 28 February 2006
E-mail: smr1762@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

31 July - 8 August

School and Conference on Complex Systems and Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics
Organizer(s): Directors: C. Tsallis, U. Tirnakli. M. Marsili (ICTP Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 31 March 2006
E-mail: smr1763@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

7 August - 18 August

Targeted Training Activity: Seasonal Predictability in Tropical Regions: Research and Applications
Organizer(s): Directors: J. Shukla, I-S Kang, J. Pal, Jin Ho Yoo
E-mail: smr1767@ictp.it
Activity Information

14 August - 25 August

Miniworkshop on New States of Stable and Unstable Quantum Matter
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Chubukov, P. Coleman, A. Schofield, Yu Lu, H. Takagi; E. Tosatti (ICTP Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 April 2006
E-mail: smr1766@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

21 August - 1 September

International Workshop on Frontiers of Plasma Science
Organizer(s): Directors: S.M. Mahajan, P.K. Shukla,R. Bingham, L. Stenflo and Z. Yoshida. Local organizer: C. Tuniz
Local Organizer(s): C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1765@ictp.it
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28 August - 31 August

International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effects: Novel Aspects in Orbital Physics and Vibronic Dynamics of Molecules and Crystals
Co-sponsor(s): Universita' degli Studi di Milano, ItalySISSA - International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, ItalyMillennium Scientific Nucleus Condensed Matter Physics, P02-054-F, ChileEndorsed by the American Physical Society.
Organizer(s): Directors: I. Bersuker, N. Manini, E.E. Vogel; E. Tosatti (Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 31 March 2006
E-mail: smr1768@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

28 August - 8 September

Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion Energy Research
Organizer(s): R.E.H. Clark (IAEA); C. Tuniz (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1770@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

4 September - 8 September

Conference & Euromech Colloquium #480 on High Rayleigh Number Convection
Organizer(s): Directors: D. Lohse, R. Verzicco. Local Organizer: J. Niemela.
E-mail: smr1771@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

4 September - 29 September

College on Medical Physics
Organizer(s): Directors: P. Sprawls, A. Benini, S. Tabakov, F. Milano; L. Bertocchi (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1772@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

11 September - 16 September (16=Sat)

School on Physics at LHC: “Expecting LHC”
Organizer(s): Directors: B. Acharya (ICTP, Trieste), R. Barbieri (Scuola Normale Pisa), J. Ellis (CERN, Geneva), A. Smirnov (ICTP, Trieste) and G. Weiglein (Durham Univ., IPPP, Durham) .Scientific Secretary: M. Maltoni (ICTP, Trieste)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 May 2006
E-mail: smr1773@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

18 September - 22 September

School of Nuclear Knowledge Management
Organizer(s): Y. Yanev, A. Kosilov (IAEA); C. Tuniz (ICTP Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 June 2006
E-mail: smr1769@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

25 September - 7 October (7=Sat)

8th Workshop on Three-Dimensional Modelling of Seismic Waves Generation, Propagation and their Inversion
Organizer(s): Directors: B. Bukchin, G.F. Panza
E-mail: smr1775@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

9 October - 20 October

Workshop on Optimization Technologies for Low-Bandwidth Networks
Co-sponsor(s): INASP
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Canessa, C. Fonda, M. Zennaro
E-mail: smr1776@ictp.it
Activity Information
Selection concluded. It is not possible to accept any other participants.

9 October - 27 October

School on Nonlinear Differential Equations
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Ambrosetti, C.E. Chidume, D. De Figueiredo
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 April 2006
E-mail: smr1777@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

16 October - 17 October

Climate Change Mitigation Measures in the Agro-Forestry Sector and Biodiversity Futures
Participation by invitation only.
Organizer(s): Directors: C. Carraro, P. Dogse; Local Organizer: M. Marsili
E-mail: smr1811@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

18 October - 20 October

EU-India Grid Kick-off Meeting
Organizer(s): S. Cozzini (CNR-INFM and ICTP), A. Masoni (INFN, Cagliari) and A. Nobile (ICTP)
Limited Participation: By invitation (first day open)
E-mail: smr1888@ictp.it
Activity Information

23 October - 28 October (28=Sat)

International Workshop on Science for Cultural Heritage
Organizer(s): Directors: J.-L. Boutaine, M. Martini, G. Furlan and C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1778@ictp.it
Activity Information

30 October - 24 November

Fourth Workshop on Distributed Laboratory Instrumentation Systems
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Induruwa, C. Kavka, U. Raich; A. Cicuttin (ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1779@ictp.it
Activity Information

20 November - 24 November

Workshop on Role of Partitioning and Transmutation in the Mitigation of the Potential Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Organizer(s): H.P. Nawada, C. Ganguly (IAEA); C. Tuniz (IAEA Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1774@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

27 November - 1 December

Economic Development for Physicists from Developing Countries
Organizer(s): Dipali D. Chauhan, Peter Melville, Katepalli R. Sreenivasan, Claudio Tuniz
Activity Information

27 November - 7 December

Workshop on Climate Variability from the Early Pliocene to the Last Century: Observations, Proxy-data Reconstructions and Simulations with Earth System Models (postponed to 2007, see smr1884)
Organizer(s): Directors: H. Achyuthan, A. Bracco, F. Kucharski, G. Philander
E-mail: smr1781@ictp.it
Activity Information

27 November - 22 December

ICTP-INFN Advanced Training Course on FPGA Design and VHDL for Hardware Simulation and Synthesis
Organizer(s): Directors: N. Abdallah, A. Cicuttin, A. Vacchi
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1780@ictp.it
Activity Information

4 December - 8 December

Seismic Hazard in Asia
Organizer(s): ICTP Local Organizer: G.F. Panza Organizer: I. Parvez
E-mail: smr1882@ictp.it
Activity Information

4 December - 15 December

Workshop on the Future of Ionospheric Research for Satellite Navigation and Positioning: its Relevance for Developing Countries
Organizer(s): Directors: P. Doherty and S. Radicella
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 June 2006
E-mail: smr1782@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)


16 January - 20 January

First ICTP West African Workshop on Regional Climate and Impacts (Accra - Ghana)
Organizer(s): Francis Allotey (IMS, Ghana), Joseph Intsiful (ZEF, Bonn), Filippo Giorgi (ICTP, Italy) and Jeremy Pal (ICTP, Italy)
Limited Participation: yes - Participation by invitation only
E-mail: smr1804@ictp.it
Activity Information

5 June - 17 June (17=Sat)

Introductory School on String Theory (Beijing - People's Republic of China)
Organizer(s): Directors: Miao Li, K.S. Narain, S. Randjbar-Daemi
E-mail: smr1784@ictp.it
Activity Information

10 July - 22 July (22=Sat)

Summer School and Workshop on: "Electronic Structure Methods and their Applications" (Bangalore - India)
Organizer(s): Directors: S. de Gironcoli, S. Narasimhan, S. Scandolo, D. Vanderbilt, Local Organizer: U. Waghmare
E-mail: smr1783@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

14 August - 25 August

ICTP-NCNST-ICTS Asian/Pacific Regional College on Science at the Nanoscale (Beijing - People's Republic of China)
Co-sponsor(s): NSFC - National Science Foundation of China
Organizer(s): Directors: R. Gebauer, G. Scoles, Xie Sishen, Yu LuLocal Organizer: Lu Zhong-yi
E-mail: smr1785@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

20 August - 31 August (20=Sun)

Joint IIEES - ICTP International Training Course on:
Seismology, Strong Ground Motion and Seismic Waveform Modeling (Tehran, IRAN)
Organizer(s): Prof M. Ghafory-Ashtiany (IIEES) Prof. I. Kuznetsov (IIEP, Moscow), Prof. G.F. Panza (ICTP), Dr. M. Zare (IIEES)
Activity Information

11 September - 22 September

School/Conference on Statistical Physics and Interdisciplinary Applications (Beijing - People's Republic of China)
Co-sponsor(s): Interdisciplinary Center of Theoretical Studies (ICTS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
Organizer(s): C. Godreche, H. Zhou, S. Franz, M. Marsili, R. Zecchina
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 31 May 2006
E-mail: smr1786@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

2 October - 6 October

Seventh Workshop on the Applicability of Environmental Physics and Meteorology in Africa - POSTPONED TO FEBRUARY 2007, PLEASE CHECK 2007 CALENDAR (Gaborone - Botswana)
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Adedoyin, F.K.A. Allotey, F. Semazzi; F. Giorgi and J. Pal (ICTP Local Organizers)
E-mail: smr1787@ictp.it
Activity Information

9 October - 20 October

International School and Workshop on Polynomial Automorphisms and Related Topics (Hanoi - Viet Nam)
Organizer(s): Directors: Arno Van den Essen, Nguyen Van Chau, Le Tuan Hoa and David Wright
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: Please see activity announcement
E-mail: smr1788@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)
Secretary address:
ICPA 2006
Institute of Mathematics
Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
18 Hoang Quoc Viet, 10307 Hanoi, Vietnam

19 November - 23 November (19=Sun)

International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnologies ICMNT2006 (Tizi-Ouzou - Algeria)
Organizer(s): The University Mouloud Mammeri-UMMTO, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Tizi Ouzou in collaboration with ICTP-Trieste, Italy and IMEP-CNRS, Grenoble, France
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

11 December - 13 December

Workshop on Porting Applications on Computational Grids (Colombo - Sri Lanka)
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP (Trieste), SPIDER (Swedish Program for ICT in Developing and Emerging Regions), NSF, Sri Lanka and IEEE-SL Chapter
Organizer(s): Abhaya S. Induruwa (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK), S.Cozzini (INFM-Democritos ICTP, Italy), Richard Wait (Uppsala University, Sweden); Local Organizer: D.N. Ranasinghe (UCSC, Sri Lanka)
Activity Information

NB: limited participation = limited facilities are available for practical sessions/
laboratory work


- High Energy Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
- Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
- Fundamental and Applied Mathematics
- Earth Physics, including Physics of Weather and Climate, Geophysics, Soil Physics, Radio Propagation
- Applied Physics, including Optics, Energy, Plasma Physics,Astrobiology, Medical Physics, Fluid Dynamics, MHD and Combustion

- EARTH SYSTEM PHYSICS (in preparation)


For more information on these events, external Organizers should be contacted directly

16 January - 18 January

Workshop su processi partecipativi per la conoscenza del territorio marino-costiero (tipo Agenda 21)
Organizer(s): Riserva Naturale Marina di Miramare WWF; contact person: Dr. Milena Tempesta

23 January - 24 January

Supernovae Meeting
Organizer(s): SISSA
Activity Information

20 March - 24 March

Organizer(s): Dr. Michele Bertolo, Sincrotrone TS
Activity Information

20 March - 25 March (25=Sat)

Meeting on "Large Marine Ecosystem Assessment" (20-22 March) and Workshop on "Climate Change, Upwelling, Fisheries and Coastal Communities" (23-25 March)
Participation by invitation only.
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP and IIASA
Organizer(s): Dr. Simon Levin (Princeton, USA); Contact: Dr. Margaret Gould Collins(mcollins@nas.edu)
Activity Information
No activity information available online. For more info: mcollins@nas.edu

29 March - 31 March

UNESCO-IOC Workshop on Data Management
Organizer(s): UNESCO-Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
Activity Information

10 April - 13 April

RNA Theoretical Course
Organizer(s): ICGEB (Padriciano, Trieste); contact: courses@icgeb.org
Activity Information

24 April - 28 April

Training Course on Desalination System Modelling: Technology and Economics
Organizer(s): IAEA (contact: b.m.misra@iaea.org); ICTP Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
Activity Information

2 May - 5 May

Statics and Dynamics of Interfaces - A Symposium in honor of Pierre Gilles de Gennes
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP Trieste
Organizer(s): ICTP Local Organizer: M. Marsili; Coordinator: Mrs. Jennifer Ybarra (at UCSB)
Activity Information

5 May - 14 May (14=Sun)

OLIFIS - Olimpiadi della Fisica
Organizer(s): Prof. Giuliana Cavaggioni
Activity Information

8 May - 12 May

Meeting on "Planning of the INASP-ICTP Publication on Bandwidth Optimization"
Organizer(s): Science Dissemination Unit, ICTP (sdu@ictp.it)

19 May

Tavola Rotonda Unione Meteorologica del Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Physics of the Atmosphere in FVG
Organizer(s): Dr. Fulvio Stel (OSMER-ARPA, Visco-UD)

6 June - 7 June

Workshop on efficient and accurate approaches for physical and weak chemical interactions
Organizer(s): G. Murdachaew, S. de Gironcoli and G. Scoles (SISSA)
Activity Information

12 June - 15 June

IOC-UNESCO ADRICOSM Modeling and Observation Workshop
Organizer(s): UNESCO-IOC
Activity Information

3 July - 7 July

Workshop on the "Physics and Applications of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors"
Organizer(s): M. Methnani and A. Cardoso (IAEA, Vienna)
Activity Information

18 July

Seminario Nazionale "Tutela della biodiversita' e del territorio: il valore aggiunto della partecipazione"
Organizer(s): WWF - Riserva Marina di Miramare, Trieste; contact person: Dr. Milena Tempesta
Activity Information

31 July - 4 August

EURODOM SEMINAR AND COURSE EUROpean Deep Ocean Margins: a new training-through-research frontier
Organizer(s): OGS (Ist. Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale), Dr. Michele Rebesco
Activity Information

10 August - 18 August

International Summer Symposium on Science and World Affairs
Organizer(s): Union of Concerned Scientists (Cambridge, USA)

28 August - 1 September

Progetto DOTIK del Laboratorio Interdisciplinare della SISSA
Organizer(s): SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Activity Information

25 September - 26 September

Meeting on Reducing perinatal and maternal mortality in poor countries-An IAMP Mother-Child Health Initiative
Organizer(s): InterAcademy Medical Panel Secretariat/TWAS

2 October - 6 October

Scuola Nazionale di Astrofisica su "Ammassi di Galassie" e "Plasmi Astrofisici"
Organizer(s): Department of Astronomy, Trieste University; contact: tozzi@ts.astro.it
Activity Information

10 October - 13 October

TWNSO-TWAS-UNDP/SSC-UNU/IAS International Workshop on Capacity Building for Sustainable Development
Organizer(s): TWAS/TWNSO
Activity Information

6 November - 8 November

Conference: "Sharing Knowledge across the Mediterranean (3)"
Organizer(s): French Association for the Advancement of Science (AFAS) in association with IN2P3 and ICTP; contact person: Dr. Robert Klapisch
Activity Information

20 November - 22 November

XIV ELETTRA Users' Meeting
Organizer(s): Ufficio Utenti, Sincrotrone TS
Activity Information

23 November - 24 November

International Workshop to celebrate 10 years of SAXS at ELETTRA
Organizer(s): Institute for Biophysics and Nanostructures, Graz, Austria; ELETTRA (Sincrotrone TS)
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The forms, accessed as above, can be used by all to apply for local/travel support from ICTP. In addition, some Member States have signed Agreements with ICTP to make available -- for their own nationals -- a small number of travel fellowships, for participation in various ICTP activities. We list these below, together with the contact information for the relevant agency.

i) China: Bureau of International Cooperation, National Science Foundation of China, email: zhangyt@mail.nsfc.gov.cn, phone: + 86 10 623 26998, fax: + 86 10 623 27004

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iii) Iran: International and Scientific Cooperation Office, Isfahan University of Technology, email: isco@cc.iut.ac.ir, website: http://www.iut.ac.ir/, phone: +98 311 391 2505, fax: +98 311 391 2502

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