ICTP: Scientific Calendar (2007)

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11 January - 13 January (13=Sat)

13th International Workshop on Computational Physics and Materials Science: Total Energy and Force Methods
Co-sponsor(s): SISSA, INFM DEMOCRITOS National Simulation Centerand ESF/Psi-K Network
Organizer(s): Directors: N. Marzari, P.J. Ordejon, S. Scandolo
E-mail: smr1824@ictp.it
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15 January - 18 January

ICTP Experts Meeting on "Science and Renewable Energy"
Organizer(s): Prof. Ali Sayigh, G. Furlan (local organizer)
Activity Information

15 January - 19 January

Advanced Workshop on Nanomaterials: A Partnership between ICTP and ICMR
Organizer(s): Directors: Anthony K. Cheetham, C.N.R. Rao, Fred Wudl, Jean Fréchet
E-mail: smr1825@ictp.it
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5 February - 9 February

Preparatory School to the Winter College on Fibre Optics, Fibre Lasers and Sensors
Co-sponsor(s): Italian Society of Optics and Photonics (SIOF), Central European Initiative (CEI), National Science Foundation (NSF) through the Career Award number PHY-0449708.
Organizer(s): Director: G. Denardo
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 October 2006
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1829@ictp.it
Activity Information

5 February - 23 February

ICTP-ITU-URSI School on Wireless Networking for Scientific Applications in Developing Countries, including Environmental Monitoring
Co-sponsor(s): CEI (Central European Initiatives),ITU (International Telecommunication Union)
Organizer(s): Directors: Sandro M. Radicella, Ryzard Struzak
E-mail: smr1827@ictp.it
Activity Information

12 February - 16 February

Workshop on Biomedical Applications of High Energy Ion Beams
Co-sponsor(s): ICGEB and University of Surrey; in collaboration with IAEA
Organizer(s): Directors: K. Kirkby, M. Folkard, C. Tuniz, N. Dytlewski
E-mail: smr1828@ictp.it
Activity Information

12 February - 23 February

Winter College on Fibre Optics, Fibre Lasers and Sensors
Co-sponsor(s): International Commission for Optics (ICO), Optical Society of America (OSA), International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), European Optical Society (EOS), International Society on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS), Central European Initiative (CEI)
Organizer(s): Directors: H. Fragnito, A. Clarkson, A. Mignani; G. Denardo (ICTP Local Organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 October 2006
E-mail: smr1829@ictp.it
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5 March - 16 March

Advanced School in High Performance Computing Tools for e-Science - joint DEMOCRITOS/INFM-eLab/SISSA-ICTP activity
Organizer(s): Directors: Stefano Cozzini, Axel Kohlmeyer, Roger Rousseau
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 20 november 2006
E-mail: smr1830@ictp.it
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22 March - 24 March (24=Sat)

Conference on Milankovitch cycles over the past 5 million years
Organizer(s): G. Philander, A. Bracco, H. Achyuthan and F. Kucharski
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: extended deadline date: 15 January 2007
E-mail: smr1884@ictp.it
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22 March - 30 March

Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Gava, K.S. Narain, S. Randjbar-Daemi, J. de Boer, S. Kachru
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 19 January 2007
E-mail: smr1832@ictp.it
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10 April - 20 April

Spring College on Water in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Organizer(s): Directors: M.L. Klein, D.D. Klug, G. Scoles; ICTP Local Organizer: S. Scandolo
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: NEW DEADLINE 18 December 2006
E-mail: smr1831@ictp.it
Activity Information
Please note NEW DEADLINE: 18 DECEMBER 2006

20 April - 21 April (21=Sat)

Workshop on Statistical Physics and Financial Markets
Co-sponsor(s): EU-NEST project COMPLEXMARKETS
Organizer(s): Directors: M. Marsili, A. Kirman, C. Hommes, T. Lux, M. Marchesi, M. Salmon.
E-mail: smr1835@ictp.it
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23 April - 28 April (28=Sat)

Workshop on Scientific Instruments and Sensors on the Grid
Organizer(s): Director: Roberto Pugliese (ELETTRA), Co-Director: Claudio Vuerli (INAF/OATs), Local Organizer: Alvise Nobile (ICTP)
E-mail: smr1869@ictp.it
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23 April - 11 May

School and Conference on Analytic Number Theory
Organizer(s): Directors: R. Balasubramanian, J.-M. Deshouillers, E. Kowalski; ICTP Local Organizer: Le Dung Trang
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: November 30, 2006
E-mail: smr1836@ictp.it
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30 April - 11 May

ICTP Advanced School on Oceanography (ASO): "World Climate and Overturning Circulation in Oceans and Mediterranean Seas"
Co-sponsor(s): in collaboration with IAEA-MEL (Marine Environment Laboratories, Monte Carlo)
Organizer(s): Directors: M. Gacic, P.-M. Poulain; ICTP Local Organizer: J. Kroeger.
E-mail: smr1837@ictp.it
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10 May - 12 May (12=Sat)

G8-UNESCO World Forum on "Education, Innovation and Research: New Partnership for Sustainable Development"
Organizer(s): Government of Italy through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), ICTP and other Trieste Institutions. Contacts at ICTP: K.R. Sreenivasan, C. Tuniz
E-mail: tanaskov@ictp.it
Activity Information

14 May - 18 May

Workshop on the Physics of Tsunami, Hazard Assessment Methods and Disaster Risk Management (Theories and Practices for Implementing Proactive Countermeasures)
Co-sponsor(s): In collaboration with IAEA.
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Godoy, N. Okada, G.F. Panza.
E-mail: smr1839@ictp.it
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14 May - 1 June

School and Conference on Algebraic K-Theory and its Applications
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Friedlander, A.O. Kuku, C. Pedrini; ICTP Local Organizer: L. Goettsche
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 31 December 2006
E-mail: smr1840@ictp.it
Activity Information

21 May - 25 May

Conference on "From Physical Understanding to Novel Architectures of Fuel Cells"
Co-sponsor(s): International Society of Electrochemistry, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., General Motors Corporation
Organizer(s): Directors: M. Eikerling, A.A. Kornyshev. Local Organizer: E. Tosatti
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: NEW DEADLINE 15 February 2007
E-mail: smr1841@ictp.it
Activity Information
Online Application Form
Activity Funds fully committed. Applications are accepted only from candidates not seeking financial support

28 May - 1 June

International Workshop on QCD at Cosmic Energies III
Organizer(s): Directors: Yuri Dokshitzer, Mark Strikman, Daniele Treleani
E-mail: smr1842@ictp.it
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28 May - 1 June

X-Ray Emission Techniques for Forensic Applications
Co-sponsor(s): Central European Inititative
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Markowicz (IAEA, Vienna); G. Paolucci (Sincrotrone SCpA, Trieste); G. Mank (IAEA, Vienna); ICTP Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1843@ictp.it
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4 June - 8 June

Topical Consultancy on the Effects of Climate Change on the Occurrence, Frequency and Intensity of Extreme Meteorological and Hydrological Events - ACTIVITY CANCELLED -
Organizer(s): A. Gürpinar, A.R. Godoy (IAEA); G. Panza (Univ. of Trieste & ICTP Local Organizer)
E-mail: smr1764@ictp.it
Activity Information
Online Application Form

4 June - 8 June

Conference on Quantum Phenomena in Confined Dimensions
Co-sponsor(s): NEC Laboratories America, Inc.
Organizer(s): Directors: V. Falko, J. Meyer, A. Millis; ICTP Local Organizer: B. Narozhny
E-mail: smr1844@ictp.it
Activity Information

4 June - 8 June

Conference on Structure and Dynamics in Soft Matter and Biomolecules: From Single Molecules to Ensembles
Organizer(s): Directors: Hue-Sun Chan, C. Micheletti, M. Thorpe
E-mail: smr1845@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

11 June - 22 June

Summer School on Particle Physics
Collaboration(s): The Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)
Organizer(s): A. Masiero, V. Rubakov, A. Smirnov (Local organizer)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 March 2007
E-mail: smr1847@ictp.it
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25 June - 29 June

Course on Natural Circulation Phenomena and Modelling in Water-Cooled Nuclear Reactors
Organizer(s): Directors: John Cleveland, Jong Ho Choi; ICTP Local Organizer: Claudio Tuniz
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 March 2007
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1848@ictp.it
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25 June - 6 July

Conference and School on Predictability of Natural Disasters for our Planet in Danger. A System View: Theory, Models, Data Analysis
Organizer(s): Directors: F. Giorgi, V. Keilis-Borok, D. Straus
E-mail: smr1849@ictp.it
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2 July - 6 July

Common Concepts in Statistical Physics and Computer Science
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Franz, M. Marsili, R. Zecchina (ICTP), A. Montanari (ENS & Stanford University), G. Parisi, F. Ricci-Tersenghi (Univ. La Sapienza)
E-mail: smr1850@ictp.it
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9 July - 13 July

Workshop on Cosmology and Strings
Organizer(s): Directors: B. Acharya, P. Creminelli, U. Seljak
E-mail: smr1851@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)
As the deadline has now passed, applications only from participants not requesting Financial support can be accepted.

9 July - 27 July

Summer School and Conference on Automorphic Forms and Shimura Varieties
Organizer(s): Directors: L. Fargues, B.C. Ngo, D. Prasad
Local Organizer(s): R. Ramakrishnan
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: January 15, 2007
E-mail: smr1852@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

16 July - 27 July

Conference and Research Workshop: Perspectives on Nonlinear Dynamics (Satellite Meeting of STATPHYS 23)
Organizer(s): Directors: R. Ramaswamy, N. Gupte, M. Marsili
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: extended to 22 April 2007
E-mail: smr1853@ictp.it
Activity Information
Online Application Form

22 July - 26 July (22=Sun)

Workshop on Grand Unification and Proton Decay
Organizer(s): Directors: C.S. Aulakh, K. Babu, B. Bajc, C.K. Jung, A. Melfo, P. Nath,G. Senjanovic and F. Vissani.
E-mail: smr1854@ictp.it
Activity Information

30 July - 17 August

School and Workshop on Highly Frustrated Magnets and Strongly Correlated Systems: From Non-Perturbative Approaches to Experiments
Co-sponsor(s): European Science Foundation
Organizer(s): F. Becca, F. Essler, F. Mila, S. Shastry, A. Tsvelik
E-mail: smr1855@ictp.it
Activity Information
Online Application Form

30 July - 24 August

2007 Summer College on Plasma Physics
Organizer(s): Directors: S.M. Mahajan, P.K. Shukla, R. Bingham, L. Stenflo, Z. Yoshida
E-mail: smr1856@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

6 August - 10 August

Targeted Training Activity: Seasonal Prediction of South Asian Monsoon
Organizer(s): J. Shukla (GMU & IGES/COLA, USA), In-Sik Kang (CES/SNU, Korea); Local Organizer at ICTP: Jin Ho Yoo
E-mail: smr1912@ictp.it
Activity Information

18 August - 26 August (18=Sat 26=Sun)

Workshop on Turbulent Mixing and Beyond
Organizer(s): Organizing Committee: S.I. Abarzhi, Chairperson, (Chicago, USA), S. Anisimov (Landau Institute, Russia), M. Andrews (LANL, USA), S. Gauthier (CEA), D. Lamb (U of Chicago, USA), K. Nishihara (ILE, Osaka, Japan), R. Rosner (U of Chicago and ANL, USA), B. Remington (LLNL, USA), K.R. Sreenivasan (ICTP, Italy), A. Velikovich (NRL, USA).
E-mail: tmbw07@ictp.it
Activity Information

20 August - 24 August

Introduction to Nanofluidics
Organizer(s): Directors: Elisabeth Charlaix, S. Raghu
E-mail: smr1857@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

27 August - 7 September

Summer School on Novel Quantum Phases and Non-equilibrium Phenomena in Cold Atomic Gases
Organizer(s): M. Cazalilla, J.M.F. Gunn, A.F.C.K. Ho, W. Zwerger
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 14 February 2007
E-mail: smr1859@ictp.it
Activity Information

3 September - 14 September

Borsellino College 2007. Spike Trains to Actions: Brain Basis of Behavior
Organizer(s): Directors: Mathew E. Diamond, Raffaella Rumiati
E-mail: smr1860@ictp.it
Activity Information

10 September - 14 September

4th European Conference on Severe Storms (ECSS 2007)
Organizer(s): Directors: N. Dotzek, D.B. Giaiotti (OSMER), F. Giorgi (Local Organizer, ICTP), R. Jayaratne , F. Stel
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: ***extended to May 31, 2007
E-mail: smr1861@ictp.it
Activity Information
Online Application Form

24 September - 28 September

School of Nuclear Knowledge Management
Co-sponsor(s): Central European Inititative
Organizer(s): Director: Y. Yanev, A. Kossilov; ICTP Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1862@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

24 September - 12 October

Advanced School and Conference on Statistics and Applied Probability in Life Sciences
Organizer(s): Directors: J. Fan, P. Jagers, Z.-M. Ma, X. Meng; ICTP Local Organizer: Li Jiayu
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 20 May 2007
E-mail: smr1863@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

1 October - 13 October (13=Sat)

Ninth Workshop on Non-linear Dynamics and Earthquake Predictions
Organizer(s): Directors: V.I. Keilis-Borok, G.F. Panza, A.A. Soloviev
E-mail: smr1864@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

5 October

2006 Dirac Medal Ceremony

15 October - 26 October

School on Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Organizer(s): Directors: D. Bhattacharya, S. Massaglia, A. Rogava, S. Sridhar and K. Subramanian
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 June 2007
E-mail: smr1865@ictp.it
Activity Information

15 October - 26 October

School on Pulsed Neutrons: Characterization of Materials
Organizer(s): Directors: C.S.Bauer, G.Mank, A. Markowicz ; ICTP Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1866@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

22 October - 9 November

College on Soil Physics
Organizer(s): Directors: D. Gabriels, D. Nielsen, I. Pla Sentis, E. Skidmore; ICTP Local Organizer: G.C. Ghirardi.
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 June 2007
E-mail: smr1867@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

29 October - 9 November

Nuclear Power Plant Simulators for Education
Organizer(s): Directors: Andrey Pryakhin (IAEA), Seong-Gyun Moon (IAEA), Claudio Tuniz (ICTP)
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1879@ictp.it
Activity Information

5 November - 16 November

Workshop on Understanding and Evaluating Radioanalytical Measurement Uncertainty (5-16 November) plus Fourth Coordination Meeting of the IAEA ALMERA Network (5-7 November)
Organizer(s): Directors: P. Martin, U. Sansone; ICTP Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1833@ictp.it
Activity Information

12 November - 23 November

Workshop on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology: Medical Applications
Organizer(s): Director: R. Capote Noy (IAEA, Vienna) ; S.M. Qaim (Institut fuer Nuklearchemie, Juelich); ICTP Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1868@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

12 November - 24 November (24=Sat)

Task Force Activity on "Long Wireless Links for Development: Best Practices"
Organizer(s): S.M. Radicella, M. Zennaro, C. Fonda
E-mail: arpl@ictp.it
Activity Information
Participation upon invitation only

19 November - 30 November

School on Physics, Technology and Applications of Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS)
Co-sponsor(s): in co-operation with International Atomic Energy Agency
Organizer(s): Director: Alexander Stanculescu. ICTP Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 20 May 2007
E-mail: smr1858@ictp.it
Activity Information

26 November - 30 November

WCRP and ICTP Interpreting Climate Change Simulations: Capacity Building for Developing Nations Seminar
Co-sponsor(s): WCRP and ICTP - Earth System Physics Section
Organizer(s): F. Giorgi and A. Henderson-Sellers
Limited Participation: Participation upon invitation only.
E-mail: smr1986@ictp.it
Activity Information

3 December - 11 December

Workshop on Rich-Media Webcasting Technologies for Science Dissemination
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Canessa, C. Fonda, M. Zennaro (ICTP-SDU); Co-Organizers: B. Logofatu (CREDIS, Romania), B. Hassler (CARET Video Studio, Cambridge University, UK)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 27 July 2007
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1838@ictp.it
Activity Information


8 January - 25 January

ICTP Latin American String School (Bariloche - Argentina)
Organizer(s): Directors: C. Nunez, G. Aldazabal, S. Randjbar-Daemi, K.S. Narain
E-mail: smr1870@ictp.it
Activity Information

8 January - 26 January

School and Workshop on "Geometry and Topology of Singularities" (Cuernavaca - Mexico)
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP,UNAM, CIMPA, CMI, MSRI, CNPq
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: For more information, please see: www.matcuer.unam.mx/~singularities/
E-mail: smr1892@ictp.it
Activity Information
Secretary address:
Mathematics Institute of the National University, UNAM (Instituto de Matemáticas, Unidad Cuernavaca, UNAM) Cuernavaca, Mexico
E-mail: singular07@matcuer.unam.mx

5 February - 15 February

Second Latin-American School and Conference on Statistical Physics and Interdisciplinary Applications (Bento Gonçalves - Brazil)
Organizer(s): Directors: J.J. Arenzon, D.A. Stariolo and M.C. Barbosa (Brazil) and S. Franz, M. Marsili and R. Zecchina (ICTP)
E-mail: smr1871@ictp.it
Activity Information

26 February - 2 March

Seventh Workshop on the Applicability of Environmental Physics and Meteorology in Africa (Gaborone - Botswana)
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Adedoyin, F.K.A. Allotey, F. Semazzi; F. Giorgi and J. Pal (ICTP Local Organizers)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 1 December 2006
E-mail: smr1787@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

12 March - 4 April

Workshop on the Interdisciplinary Science of Global Climate Change: Basic Elements (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
Organizer(s): Directors: G. Philander, I. Orlanski, F. Giorgi. Local Organizer: Carolina Vera
E-mail: smr1877@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

10 June - 17 June (10=Sun 17=Sun)

Fourth Regional Meeting in String Theory (Patras - Greece)
Organizer(s): Directors: F. Ardalan, Kiristis, I. Bakas, E. Rabinovici, S. Randjbar-Daemi
E-mail: smr1872@ictp.it
Activity Information

27 August - 7 September

I Kodai-Trieste Workshop on Plasma Astrophysics (Kodaikanal - India)
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP
Organizer(s): Directors: Vinod Krishan and Siraj Hasan, Indian Institute of Astrophysics
E-mail: KT1@iiap.res.in
Fax: 91-80-25500482: Venue: Kodaikanal Observatory, Kodaikanal, India
Activity Information

5 November - 16 November

School on Computational Condensed Matter Physics (Abuja - Nigeria)
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP, Trieste, Italy; Local sponsor: National Mathematics Center (NMC), Abuja, Nigeria
Organizer(s): S. Scandolo (ICTP, Italy), G.A. Adebayo (Univ. of Agric., Abeokuta), local organizer J.O. Daniel (NMC, Abuja)
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1921@ictp.it
Activity Information

5 November - 25 November (25=Sun)

Sub-Saharian Workshop on Mathematical Analysis and Optimization (Abakaliki - Nigeria)
Co-sponsor(s): The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste, Italy and The Ebonyi State University and Forum for Training and Research in Mathematics (FORTIM) Abakaliki, Nigeria
Organizer(s): Directors: C.E. Chidume (ICTP, Trieste) and Ugochukwu Osisiogu (Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki)
E-mail: uaosisiogu@yahoo.com
Activity Information

12 November - 23 November

ICTP Regional College on Medical Physics (Mumbai - India)
Organizer(s): Jointly organized by ICTP and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre; ICTP Representative: Prof. Perry Sprawls
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 16 August 2007
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

12 November - 24 November (24=Sat)

School on Algebraic Approach to Differential Equations (Alexandria - Egypt)
Organizer(s): Directors: Mohamed Darwish, Mohamed Fahmy, Le Dung Trang, Mohamed Yousif
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 May 2007
E-mail: smr1873@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

19 November - 30 November

African Regional College on Science at the Nanoscale (Cape Town - South Africa)
Organizer(s): Directors: A.C. Beye, M. Maaza, R. Gebauer, G. Scoles
E-mail: smr1874@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

NB: limited participation = limited facilities are available for practical sessions/laboratory work


- High Energy Physics
- Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
- Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
- Fundamental and Applied Mathematics
- Earth Physics, including Physics of Weather and Climate, Geophysics, Soil Physics, Radio Propagation
- Applied Physics, including Optics, Energy, Plasma Physics,Astrobiology, Medical Physics, Fluid Dynamics, MHD and Combustion
- Multidisciplinary Laboratory


- ICTP-IAEA Sandwich Training Educational Programme
- UNESCO-ICTP Mori Fellowship Scheme
- ICTP-University of Trieste-CNR ISMAR-OGS-OSMER FVG Ph.D. Program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics
- ICTP-University of Trieste Laurea Magistralis in Fisica
- ICTP-University of Trieste Laurea Magistralis in Astrofisica e Fisica Spaziale


For more information on these events, external Organizers should be contacted directly

18 January - 19 January

Workshop on Pixel Detector
Organizer(s): Dr. Ralf Menk (ELETTRA, Trieste)

19 January

ICMR Advisory Board Meeting
Organizer(s): Mrs. Jennifer Ybarra
(Limited Participation)

1 March - 2 March

Meeting on Communication in Science (European Meeting Programme LEONARDO)
Organizer(s): SISSA MEDIALAB.

12 March - 16 March

Nineteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XIX)
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP
Organizer(s): Dr. Renzo Mosetti, OGS Trieste
Activity Information

19 March - 22 March

Secondo Meeting Annuale SeaDataNet
Organizer(s): Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS), Trieste, Italy
Activity Information

2 April - 5 April

Theoretical Course on RNA
Organizer(s): ICGEB, Padriciano 99, Trieste; Director: Prof. G. Tocchini-Valentini
Activity Information

19 April - 20 April

IAMP Executive Committee Meeting
Organizer(s): IAMP Secretariat

22 April - 26 April (22=Sun)

Scuola ARS2
Contact Person: Dr. Andrea Lausi
Organizer(s): Dr. Andrea Lausi (ELETTRA)
Activity Information

13 May - 20 May (13=Sun 20=Sun)

OLIFIS 2007 - Olimpiadi della Fisica
Organizer(s): Dr. Giuliana Cavaggioni

21 May - 25 May

Friction and Wetting - Informal School and Workshop
Organizer(s): Profs. Antonio De Simone (SISSA) and Erio Tosatti (SISSA/ICTP)
Activity Information

29 May - 31 May

Meeting of the IAP Programme on Water Research and Management
Organizer(s): TWAS-IAP

21 June - 23 June (23=Sat)

Roberto Car 60th Birthday Symposium
Organizer(s): Giulia Galli (UC Davis), Nicola Marzari (MIT), Sandro Scandolo (ICTP), Ralph Gebauer (ICTP)
E-mail: rgebauer@ictp.trieste.it
Activity Information

27 June - 29 June

International Conference on "Frontiers of Knowledge in the XXI Century. Sciences in Dialogue in the New Europe"
Organizer(s): The Italian Sector of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Local Organizer: Prof. L. Dabrowski (SISSA)
Activity Information

1 September (1=Sat 1=Sat)

Meeting of the IUPAP Commission on Physics for Development (C13)
Organizer(s): Contact in Trieste: Prof. D. Treleani
(Limited Participation)

4 September - 7 September

5. Corso di Alta Formazione alla Ricerca - Lo Studio dell'Infrastruttura e la Sicurezza Stradale
Organizer(s): University of Trieste, Prof. A. Marchionna

5 September - 7 September

Training Workshop on Remote Sensing of Deep Convective Storms
Organizer(s): EUMETSAT (Darmstadt, Germany) and OSMER (Italy); Local Organizer: Dr. Fulvio Stel

15 September - 19 September (15=Sat)

European Brain and Behaviour Society 39th Meeting
Organizer(s): Co-hosted with SISSA; contact person: Dr. Alessandro Treves (SISSA)
Activity Information

20 September - 22 September (22=Sat)

TWAS/COSTIS/UNDP Workshop - Cities, Science and Sustainability
Organizer(s): TWNSO

24 September - 28 September

International Workshop on Accelerators Operations - WAO 2007
Organizer(s): Sincrotrone TS; Workshop Chairman: Dr. E. Karantzoulis
Activity Information

16 October - 23 October

XVII Giornata Archivistica Internazionale
Organizer(s): Dr. Grazia Tato', Dr. Antonio Monteduro (International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribor)

22 October - 26 October

Workshop on Noncommutative Manifolds
Organizer(s): Prof. L. Dabrowski (SISSA), Prof. G. Landi (University of Trieste)

9 November - 10 November (10=Sat)

The Right to Life in Africa "Everyone has the Right to Life, Liberty and the Security of person"
Organizer(s): Arch. Roberto Costa, Università degli Studi di Trieste - Italy
E-mail: costaro@univ.trieste.it

13 November - 14 November

TWAS 18th General Meeting
Organizer(s): Prof. M.H.A. Hassan
E-mail: schaffer@twas.org, asakawa@twas.org
Activity Information

26 November - 27 November

Workshop on "Biogeochemical processes and fish dynamics in food web (ecopath) models for end-to-end conceptualization of marine ecosystems. Theory and use of Ecopath with Ecosim"
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP
Organizer(s): Dr. Cosimo Solidoro (OGS, Trieste)
Activity Information

27 November - 30 November

The 6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling, ECEM'07"Challenges for ecological modelling in a changing world: Global Changes,Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Management"
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP
Organizer(s): Dr. Cosimo Solidoro (OGS, Trieste)
Activity Information

3 December - 4 December

XV ELETTRA Users' Meeting
Organizer(s): Ufficio Utenti, Sincrotrone Trieste
Activity Information

14 December - 15 December (15=Sat)

Meeting on Reducing Maternal and Perinatal Mortality in Developing Countries
Organizer(s): InterAcademy Medical Panel c/o TWAS

How to Apply

The relevant Application Forms for each ICTP activity listed in the Scientific Calendar are also available online on the web pages of the individual activities (generated by the "Agenda" archive system). Please see below for instructions on how to search for an activity. If the Application Forms are not available online they may be requested through the activity's e-mail indicated in the Calendar. To obtain printed copies of the ICTP Scientific Calendar and bulletins of activities please write to:

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Retrieving Information via E-mail

Information on a specific ICTP activity of the Scientific Calendar can also be retrieved via E-mail through this simple procedure: Send an email to the e-mail address associated to the activity (smrNNNN@ictp.it) using as Subject "get info" . This will enable you to receive a description of the activity and a list of the associated documents (The documents are listed inside the description, under the header 'Documents'.)

If you then send another mail to the same address with Subject: "get document_name" (where document_name is one of the documents listed in the message describing the activity: for instance "Bulletin" or "Announcement" or "Application_form", you will receive a copy of the requested document (as an attachment, if it is not simple text; in the body of the mail, if it is text).


The forms, accessed as above, can be used by all to apply for local/travel support from ICTP. In addition, some Member States have signed Agreements with ICTP to make available -- for their own nationals -- a small number of travel fellowships, for participation in various ICTP activities. We list these below, together with the contact information for the relevant agency.

i) China: Bureau of International Cooperation, National Science Foundation of China, email: zhangyt@mail.nsfc.gov.cn, phone: + 86 10 623 26998, fax: + 86 10 623 27004

ii) India: International Cooperation Division, Department of Science and Technology, email: srelia@alpha.nic.in, website: http://dst.gov.in/, http://www.stic-dst.org/, fax: +91 11 268 62418

iii) Iran: International and Scientific Cooperation Office, Isfahan University of Technology, email: isco@cc.iut.ac.ir, website: http://www.iut.ac.ir/, phone: +98 311 391 2505, fax: +98 311 391 2502

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