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21 January - 2 February (2=Sat)

Advanced School on Quantum Monte Carlo Methods in Physics and Chemistry
Co-sponsor(s): DEMOCRITOS National Simulation Center of INFM - SISSA - Psi-K
Organizer(s): C. Filippi, S. Moroni, S. Sorella, C. Umrigar, S. Zhang
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 5 October 2007, extended to 31 October 2007 (ONLY for applicants who do NOT need VISA)
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1929@ictp.it
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4 February - 8 February

Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop on Model Codes for Spallation Reactions
Organizer(s): Directors: G. Mank, D. Filges, S. Leray, Y. Yariv. Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: Deadline extended to 20 November 2007
E-mail: smr1930@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)
Extended Deadline: 20 November 2007

4 February - 8 February

Preparatory School to the Winter College on Micro and Nano Photonics for Life Sciences
Co-sponsor(s): CEI-Central European Initiative; EOS-European Optical Society; ICO-International Commission for Optics; OSA-Optical Society of America; SIOF- Italian Society of Optics and Photonics; SPIE-The International for Optical Engineering
Organizer(s): J. Niemela
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: -EXPIRED-
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1931@ictp.it
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11 February - 22 February

Winter College on Micro and Nano Photonics for Life Sciences
Co-sponsor(s): CEI-Central European Initiative; EOS-European Optical Society; ICO-International Commission for Optics; US National Academy of Sciences; OSA-Optical Society of America; SPIE-The International for Optical Engineering
Organizer(s): Directors: Mario Bertolotti (Univ. of Rome 1, Italy), Martina Havenith (Ruhr Univ., Bochum, Germany) and Oscar. E. Martinez (Univ. of Buenos Aires, Argentina); ICTP Local Organizer: J. J. Niemela.
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: -EXPIRED-
E-mail: smr1932@ictp.it
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11 February - 5 March

School on New Perspectives in Wireless Networking Applications to be followed by Relevance of Low Cost Wireless ICT Solutions for Development: an Awareness Workshop
Co-sponsor(s): ITU - BDT - CEI
Organizer(s): Directors: S.M. Radicella and R. Struzak and Directors: M. Maniewicz, S.M. Radicella
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 5 November 2007
E-mail: smr1933@ictp.it
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3 March - 14 March

Fourth ICTP Workshop on the Theory and Use of Regional Climate Models: Applying RCMs to Developing Nations in Support of Climate Change Assessment and Extended-Range Prediction
Co-sponsor(s): the: World Climate Research Programme (WMO/WCRP, Geneva)
Organizer(s): Directors: F. Giorgi, C. Jones, L. Sun
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: December 15, 2007
E-mail: smr1934@ictp.it
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10 March - 20 March

International Workshop on Advanced Polymer Science and Turbulent Drag Reduction
Organizer(s): W. Brostow, F. Durst, M. Matsuo and R. P. Singh
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 November 2007 (if requesting funds) or 30 December 2007 (if NOT requesting funds)
E-mail: smr1984@ictp.it
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17 March - 21 March

Entrepreneurship for Physicists and Engineers from Developing Countries
Co-sponsor(s): AREA Science Park, IOP, APS, IUPAP
Organizer(s): Dipali Chauhan (UK), Amy Flatten (USA), Giancarlo Michellone (Italy), Surya Raghu (USA), K.R. Sreenivasan (ICTP), Claudio Tuniz (ICTP)
E-mail: smr1996@ictp.it
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27 March - 4 April

Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics
Collaboration(s): SISSA & INFN
Organizer(s): J. de Boer, E. Gava, S. Kachru, K.S. Narain, S. Randjbar-Daemi
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 20 January 2008 - EXPIRED
E-mail: smr1935@ictp.it
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7 April - 25 April

Advanced School on Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser Sources and their Multidisciplinary Applications
Organizer(s): Directors: N. Binggeli (ICTP), M. Kiskinova (Sincrotrone Trieste) and A. Markowicz (IAEA)
E-mail: smr1936@ictp.it
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9 April - 27 April (27=Sun)

Workshop on Development and Evolution of Nervous Systems
Co-sponsor(s): NCBS, TIFR (National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), Bangalore
Organizer(s): Directors: M. Bate, M.K. Mathew, V. Rodrigues, K. VijayRaghavan
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 25 November 2007
E-mail: smr1846@ictp.it
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14 April - 18 April

Joint ICTP-IAEA Meeting on Environmental Issues Related to Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide and Nuclear Wastes
Organizer(s): Directors: F.L. Toth. Local Organizer: K. Aoudia
E-mail: smr1937@ictp.it
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28 April - 9 May

Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Nuclear Structure and Decay Data: Theory and Evaluation
Co-sponsor(s): in cooperation with IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria and CEI - Central European Initiative
Organizer(s): Directors: A.L. Nichols, J.K. Tuli, A. Ventura. Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 November 2007
E-mail: smr1939@ictp.it
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5 May - 16 May

Workshop on Quantum Phenomena and Information: From Atomic to Mesoscopic Systems
Organizer(s): Directors: I. Cirac, K. Le Hur, D. Loss, P. Zoller. Local Organizer: M. Kiselev
E-mail: smr1940@ictp.it
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12 May - 14 May

Joint ICTP-IAEA Conference on Predicting Disease Patterns According to Climatic Changes
Organizer(s): Director: H. Unger. Local Organizer: M. Marsili
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 8 February 2008
E-mail: smr1941@ictp.it
C.V. and a recent list of publications are mandatory
Activity Information

12 May - 16 May

Sixth International Conference on Perspectives in Hadronic Physics
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Boffi, C. Ciofi degli Atti, M. Giannini, D. Treleani
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: EXPIRED (01/02/2008) Only applications withouth financial assistance and visa processing are accepted
E-mail: smr1942@ictp.it
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19 May - 30 May

Introductory School on Gauge Theory/Gravity Correspondence
Collaboration(s): SISSA & INFN
Organizer(s): E. Gava, K.S. Narain, S. Randjbar-Daemi
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 29 February 2008 - EXPIRED -
E-mail: smr1943@ictp.it
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19 May - 30 May

Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Nuclear Reaction Data for Advanced Reactor Technologies
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Mengoni, A. Stanculescu. Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 February 2008
E-mail: smr1944@ictp.it
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2 June - 6 June

Conference on African Drought: Observations, Modeling, Predictability, Impacts
Organizer(s): Directors: F. Giorgi, K. Cook, W. Thiaw, A. Kamga
E-mail: smr1945@ictp.it
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2 June - 20 June

School and Conference on Differential Geometry
Organizer(s): Directors: C. Arezzo, X. Chen, F. Pacard, G. Tian. Local Organizer: Li Jiayu
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: March 7, 2008
E-mail: smr1946@ictp.it
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9 June - 11 June

Workshop on Reducing and Representing Uncertainties in High-Resolution Proxy Climate Data
Co-sponsor(s): co-sponsors EPRI, NSF, NOAA, PAGES and CLIVAR
Organizer(s): Directors: K. Cobb, T. Kiefer, J. Lough, J. Overpeck, S. Tudhope. Local Organizer: F. Kucharski
E-mail: smr1972@ictp.it
Activity Information

16 June - 20 June

Minischool and Workshop on Multiple Time Scales in the Dynamics of the Nervous System
Co-sponsor(s): INFN - Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics
Organizer(s): Directors: N. Brunel, P. Del Giudice, S. Franz, S. Fusi, R. Zecchina
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 20 February 2008
E-mail: smr1947@ictp.it
Activity Information

22 June - 27 June (22=Sun)

International Summer School on Hydrological Drought & Global Change
Organizer(s): Directors: H.A.J. van Lanen, L.M. Tallaksen, C. Piani
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1949@ictp.it
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23 June - 27 June

- ACTIVITY CANCELLED - Challenges in Evolution of Biological Networks - ACTIVITY CANCELLED -
Organizer(s): Organizing Committee: G. Bianconi, S. Franz, M. Lässig, M. Marsili, L. Peliti, D. Segre and R. Zecchina
E-mail: smr1948@ictp.it
Activity Information

30 June - 18 July

School and Workshop on Dynamical Systems
Organizer(s): Directors: M. Viana and J-C. Yoccoz. Honorary Directors: J. Palis and Y. Sinai. Local Organizer: C. Chidume
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: Deadline now passed - Applications not requesting financial assistance accepted only
E-mail: smr1950@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

2 July - 5 July (5=Sat)

Workshop on the Origin of P, CP and T Violations
Co-sponsor(s): Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Bertolini, L. Lanceri, A. Melfo, R.N. Mohapatra and G. SenjanovicScientific Secretary: J. Kersten
E-mail: smr1951@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

7 July - 16 July

Using Open Access Models for Science Dissemination
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Canessa, C. Fonda and M. Zennaro
(Limited Participation)
E-mail: smr1955@ictp.it
Activity Information

7 July - 18 July

School on Stochastic Geometry, the Stochastic Loewner Evolution, and Non-Equilibrium Growth Processes
Organizer(s): Directors: E. Bettelheim, I. Gruzberg, A. Ludwig, P. Wiegmann. Local Organizer: V.E. Kravtsov
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 March 2008
E-mail: smr1952@ictp.it
Activity Information

14 July - 25 July

International Workshop on the Frontiers of Modern Plasma Physics
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Mahajan, P.K. Shukla, R. Bingham, L. Stenflo, Z. Yoshida; Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
Local Organizer(s): C. Tuniz (ICTP)
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 31 March 2008
E-mail: smr1953@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

21 July - 1 August

Summer School in Cosmology
Collaboration(s): SISSA & INFN
Organizer(s): Directors: P. Creminelli, U. Seljak, P. Ullio, F. Vernizzi
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 April 2008 - EXPIRED -
E-mail: smr1954@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

4 August - 15 August

Targeted Training Activity: Seasonal Predictability in Tropical Regions to be followed by Workshop on Multi-scale Predictions of the Asian and African Summer Monsoon
Organizer(s): TTA Directors: J. Shukla, I-S Kang. Local Organizer: J.H. Yoo. Workshop Director: F. Molteni. Local Organizer: A. Tompkins
E-mail: smr1956@ictp.it
Activity Information

4 August - 15 August

Miniworkshop on Strong Correlations in Materials and Atom Traps
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Chubukov (University of Wisconsin), P. Coleman (Rutgers University), A. Schofield (University of Birmingham), H. Takagi (University of Tokyo); Local Organizer: E. Tosatti (S.I.S.S.A. & ICTP, Trieste)
E-mail: smr1957@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

11 August - 29 August

Summer School and Conference Mathematics, Algorithms and Proofs
Organizer(s): Directors: T. Coquand, A. Dickenstein, T. Kadeishvili, F. Sergeraert. Local Organizer: L. Goettsche
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: March 25, 2008
E-mail: smr1958@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

18 August - 22 August

Workshop "Supersolid 2008"
Co-sponsor(s): the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics, Vancouver
Organizer(s): S. Balibar, M. Chan, M. Kiselev, B. Svistunov
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 28 March 2008
E-mail: smr1959@ictp.it
Activity Information

25 August - 29 August

ICTP Conference Graphene Week 2008
Organizer(s): Directors: B.L. Altshuler, M. Dresselhaus, V. Falko. Local Organizer: V.E. Kravtsov
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 1 May 2008 (EXPIRED)
E-mail: smr1960@ictp.it
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1 September - 5 September

Joint ICTP-IAEA School of Nuclear Knowledge Management
Co-sponsor(s): in cooperation with the: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria and the World Nuclear Association (WNA), London, U.K. Central European Initiative (CEI)
Organizer(s): Directors: Y. Yanev and A. Kossilov. Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1962@ictp.it
Activity Information

1 September - 19 September

College on Medical Physics (co-sponsored by ICTP and KFAS)
Organizer(s): Directors: A. Benini, G.D. Frey, F. Milano, S. Tabakov. Director Emeritus: P. Sprawls. Local Organizer: L. Bertocchi
E-mail: smr1961@ictp.it
Activity Information

15 September - 18 September

JOINT EU-IndiaGRID/CompChem GRID Tutorial on chemical and material science applications
Co-sponsor(s): EU-IndiaGRID, CompChem, COST
Organizer(s): Local Organizer in Trieste: A. Nobile
E-mail: smr2095@ictp.it
Activity Information

15 September - 19 September

Conference on Knots and other Entanglements in Biopolymers: Topological and Geometrical Aspects of DNA, RNA and Protein Structures
Organizer(s): Directors: H-S. Chan, C. Micheletti, A. Stasiak, L. Zechiedrich. Local Organizer: M. Marsili
E-mail: smr1963@ictp.it
Activity Information
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22 September - 4 October (4=Sat)

9th Workshop on Three-Dimensional Modelling of Seismic Waves Generation, Propagation and their Inversion
Organizer(s): Directors: B. Bukchin, G. F. Panza
E-mail: smr1965@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

29 September - 3 October

- ACTIVITY CANCELLED - JOINT ICTP-KFAS Activity on Water Resources in a Changing World: Adaptation and Sustainable Development - ACTIVITY CANCELLED -
Organizer(s): Directors: J. Pal, S. Rauscher, F. Giorgi, A. Rinaldo.
E-mail: smr1834@ictp.it
Activity Information

29 September - 10 October

Fall Colloquium on the Physics of Weather and Climate: Regional Weather Predictability and Modelling
Organizer(s): F. Mesinger, S.C. Chou, F. Giorgi
E-mail: smr1966@ictp.it
Activity Information

20 October - 24 October

Joint ICTP-IAEA Activity on Imaging in Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques
Co-sponsor(s): Varian Medical Systems, CMS GmbH, TomoTherapy Inc, American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), European Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (EFOMP)
Organizer(s): Directors: H. Amols, G. Hartmann, A. Meghzifene; Local Organizer: L. Bertocchi
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 June 2008
E-mail: smr1964@ictp.it
Activity Information

27 October - 29 October

Joint ICTP-KFAS Workshop on Nanoscience for Solar Energy Conversion
Co-sponsor(s): International Center for Materials Research (ICMR) and Central European Initiative (CEI)
Organizer(s): Directors: F. De Angelis, Md. Khaja Nazeeruddin and R. Gebauer
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 15 July 2008 (if requesting funds) or 10 October 2008 (if NOT requesting funds)
E-mail: smr1938@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

3 November - 14 November

Advanced School in High Performance and GRID Computing
Co-sponsor(s): : Central European Initiative (CEI), Democritos INFM, eLab, E4 Computer Engineering S.p.A., EuroTech S.p.A., IBM Italia S.p.A., Spring Firm S.r.l.
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Cozzini, A. Kohlmeyer
E-mail: smr1967@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)
Preliminary Questionnaire:


10 November - 21 November

Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on the Training in Basic Radiation Materials Science and its Applications to Radiation Effects Studies and Development of Advanced Radiation-Resistant Materials
Organizer(s): Directors: V. Inozemtsev and J. Kohanoff. Local Organizer: S. Scandolo
E-mail: smr1969@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

17 November - 20 November

Conference on Teleconnections in the Atmosphere and Oceans
Organizer(s): Directors: I-S. Kang, D. Straus, M.P. King, F. Kucharski
E-mail: smr1968@ictp.it
Activity Information

24 November - 5 December

Joint ICTP-IAEA School on Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy with Emphasis on 3D Treatment Planning and Conformal Radiotherapy
Organizer(s): Local Organizer: L. Bertocchi
E-mail: smr2082@ictp.it
Activity Information

8 December - 12 December

Joint ICTP-IAEA activity on Marine Ecology: Bioaccumulation and Distribution of Contaminants in Marine Organisms
Organizer(s): Directors: R. Jefree and D. Byron
Local Organizer(s): C. Tuniz
Limited Participation: By Invitation only
E-mail: smr1971@ictp.it
Activity Information

8 December - 13 December (13=Sat)

Signaling the Arrival of the LHC Era
Co-sponsor(s): INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics) and CEI (Central European Initiative).
Organizer(s): B. Acharya (ICTP), R. Basu (IMSc), M. Cobal (UNIUD), R.M. Godbole (IISC), M. Mangano (CERN), S.D. Rindani (PRL).
E-mail: smr1970@ictp.it
Activity Information
Online Application Form - EXPIRED


6 January - 18 January (6=Sun)

Hands-on Research on Complex Systems - Winter School (Bhat, Gandhinagar 382428 - India)
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP
Organizer(s): Founding Directors: Dr.s Rajarshi Roy (University of Maryland, USA), Kenneth Showalter (West Virginia University, USA), Harry L. Swinney (University of Texas, USA) and Abhijit Sen (Institute of Plasma Research, India)
E-mail: smr1914@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

7 January - 1 February

First Latin American Regional Workshop on Distributed Laboratory Instrumentation Systems in Physics (Valdivia - Chile)
Organizer(s): Directors: Abhaya S. Induruwa, Carlos Kavka, Ulrich Raich; Local Organizer: Jorge Santamarina
E-mail: smr1875@ictp.it
Activity Information

11 February - 15 February

Workshop on Aerosol-Climate Interactions: Mechanisms, Monitoring, and Impacts in Tropical Regions (Hurghada - Egypt)
Organizer(s): Directors: A.S. Zakey, A. Nenes, S. Rauscher, E. Coppola. Local Organizer: M. Abdel-Wahab
E-mail: smr1973@ictp.it
Activity Information
Online Application Form

3 March - 14 March

Second Asian/Pacific Regional School on Statistical Physics and Interdisciplinary Applications (Beijing - People's Republic of China)
Organizer(s): Directors: S. Franz, M. Marsili, L-H Tang, H. Zhou, R. Zecchina
E-mail: smr1974@ictp.it
Activity Information

31 March - 11 April

Workshop on Seismic Hazard in Asia (Bangalore - India)
Organizer(s): Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmed Parvez and Prof. Giuliano F. Panza
E-mail: parvez@cmmacs.ernet.in, panza@dst.units.it
Activity Information

26 May - 6 June

Regional Advanced School on Physical and Mathematical Tools for the Study of Marine Processes of Coastal Areas (Cienfuegos - Cuba)
Organizer(s): Directors: C. Alonso-Hernandez, R. Fichez, C. Papucci, C. Tuniz
E-mail: smr1976@ictp.it
Activity Information
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2 June - 6 June

WATCH Summer School for Secondary School Students: Introduction to Climate Change and the Water Cycle (Duino - Italy)
Organizer(s): Directors: C. Piani, F. Giorgi, M. Abrioux, L. Tallaksen
E-mail: smr1978@ictp.it
Activity Information

16 June - 11 July

First ICTP Regional Microelectronics Workshop and Training on VHDL for Hardware Synthesis and FPGA Design in Asia-Pacific (Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia)
Organizer(s): Directors: M.B.I. Reaz, S.C. Ng, A. Cicuttin, N. Abdallah, A. Marchioro, M.A.M. Ali, F. Mohd-Yasin, C. Oh, A.A. Halim
E-mail: smr1977@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

14 July - 25 July

School on Electronic Structure Methods (Cape Town - South Africa)
Co-sponsor(s): The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste, ItalyNational Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP), South AfricaINFM-DEMOCRITOS National Simulation Center, Trieste, ItalyInternational Center for Materials Research (ICMR), Santa Barbara, USACentre for High Performance Computing (CHPC), Cape Town, South AfricaMaterials Computation Center (MCC), Urbana, IL, USA
Organizer(s): Directors: H. Aourag, P. Giannozzi, D. Joubert, R. Martin, S. Scandolo
E-mail: smr1979@ictp.it
Activity Information  (Online Application Form)

14 July - 26 July (26=Sat)

International School and Conference on Algebraic Geometry, D-modules and Foliations (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
Organizer(s): Coordinator: F. Cukierman
Deadline(s) for requesting participation: 30 April 2008
E-mail: dagfo@dm.uba.ar
Activity Information

29 July - 2 August (2=Sat)

International Conference on Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems (Camerino - Italy)
Organizer(s): David Neilson, Gaetano Senatore, Andrea Perali, Pierbiagio Pieri, Stefania De Palo and Vittorio Pellegrini.
E-mail: smr1983@ictp.it
Activity Information

14 September - 19 September (14=Sun)

11th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (Rome, Italy)
Organizer(s): CEDAD, CIRCE, LABEC and ICTP
Activity Information

3 November - 22 November (22=Sat)

Sub-Saharian Workshop on Mathematical Analysis and Optimization (Abakaliki - Nigeria)
Organizer(s): Contact person in Nigeria: Dr. U. Osisiogu
E-mail: uaosiogu1@yahoo.com
Activity Information

NB: limited participation = limited facilities are available for practical sessions/laboratory work


- APPLIED PHYSICS, including Optics, Energy, Plasma Physics, Astrobiology, Medical Physics, Fluid Dynamics, MHD and Combustion
- EARTH SYSTEM PHYSICS, including Physics of Weather and Climate, Geophysics, Soil Physics, Radio Propagation
- Fundamental and Applied MATHEMATICS


- ICTP-IAEA Sandwich Training Educational Programme
- UNESCO-ICTP Mori Fellowship Scheme
- ICTP-University of Trieste-CNR ISMAR-OGS-OSMER FVG Ph.D. Program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics
- ICTP-University of Trieste Laurea Magistralis in Fisica
- ICTP-University of Trieste Laurea Magistralis in Astrofisica e Fisica Spaziale


For more information on these events, external Organizers should be contacted directly

8 January

Ninth International Symposium - Frontiers of Fundamental and Computational Physics (FFP9)
Organizer(s): University of Udine (Prof. A. De Angelis), Birla Institute of Science
E-mail: ffp9@fisica.uniud.it
Activity Information

11 January - 15 February

Progetto Scuola: Fare Scienza con il Computer (11 & 18 gennaio; 11, 15 & 29 febbraio)
Organizer(s): M. Peressi e G. Pastore (DFT)

17 January - 18 January

Organizer(s): Prof. G.F. Panza (ICTP, ESP-SAND), Prof. F.M. Mazzolani (University of Naples "Federico II"), Ing. M. Indirli (ENEA-Bologna).
E-mail: de_meo@ictp.it

3 April - 4 April

Workshop on "Nanotechnologies@sea"
Organizer(s): OGS - Dipartimento di Oceanografia Biologica (Prof. Renzo Mosetti), su iniziativa CEI (Central European Initiative)
Activity Information

7 April - 10 April

Theoretical Course on RNA
Organizer(s): ICGEB (Prof. G. Tocchini-Valentini)
E-mail: courses@icgeb.org
Activity Information

7 April - 10 April

IAEA First Research Coordination Meeting of the Coordinated Research Project on the Integrated Approach to Dense Magnetized Plasmas Applications in Nuclear Fusion Technology
Organizer(s): Artur Malaquias (IAEA, Vienna, Austria); Local Organizer: C. Tuniz

15 April - 16 April

Workshop finale del progetto europeo ESConet (the European Science Communication Network)
Organizer(s): Local Organizer in Trieste: SISSA (Prof. S. Fantoni)
Activity Information

17 April

L'AttivitÓ Motoria e il Piano della Prevenzione: Buone Prassi e Paradigmi nelle Diverse Fasce d'EtÓ
Organizer(s): Azienda per i Servizi Sanitari n°1 F.V.G.
E-mail: roberta.fedele@ass1.sanita.fvg.it

18 April

Tavola Rotonda su "Ghiaccio e Cambiamenti Climatici"
Organizer(s): Unione Meteorologica del Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Dr. R. Colucci)

19 April (19=Sat 19=Sat)

Assemblea Annuale della Societa' Meteorologica Italiana
Organizer(s): Unione Meteorologica del Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Dr. R. Colucci)

19 April - 22 April (19=Sat)

EMAS 2008 Regional Workshop on Electron Probe Microanalysis Today - Practical Aspects
Organizer(s): EMAS (Dr. G. Tamborini)
E-mail: Gabriele.tamborini@ec.europa.eu

28 April - 29 April

LighTnet Meeting
Organizer(s): Local Organizer at ICTP: Dr. Nadia Binggeli; activity in framework of EU LighTnet programme at Elettra

26 May - 1 June (1=Sun)

Seminario: A un passo dalla XXXIX International Physics Olympiads (IPHO)
Organizer(s): Associazione per l'Insegnamento della Fisica - Progetto Olimpiadi (Prof. Giuliana Cavaggioni)

23 June - 27 June

IAEA Course on Natural Circulation Phenomena and Modelling in Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP
Organizer(s): Directors: J. Cleveland and J.H. Choi (IAEA, Vienna, Austria); Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: J.Cleveland@iaea.org, J.H.Choi@iaea.org
Activity Information

23 June - 27 June

CPMD 2008 Conference on Modeling and Computation of Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Phase Systems
Organizer(s): SISSA (Prof. P. Carloni)
E-mail: carloni@sissa.it, corzani@sissa.it
Activity Information

23 August (23=Sat 23=Sat)

Organizer(s): Local organizer: Prof. D. Treleani

8 September - 10 September

ERCOFTAC Workshop, Direct and Large-Eddy Simulations 7 (DLES7)
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP, Trieste, Italy
Organizer(s): Organizing Committee: V. Armenio, J. Froehlich, B.J. Geurts, O. Métais and K.R. Sreenivasan
Activity Information

22 September - 26 September

IAEA Workshop on Neutron Fluctuations, Reactor Noise, and Their Applications in Nuclear Reactors
Co-sponsor(s): ICTP
Organizer(s): Director: O. Glöckler (IAEA, Vienna, Austria); Local Organizer: C. Tuniz
E-mail: O.Glockler@iaea.org
Activity Information

3 October

CBM (Consorzio per il Centro di Biomedicina Molecolare) Annual Retreat
Organizer(s): Prof. L. Mestroni

9 October - 10 October

2nd International Workshop on X-Ray and UV Active/Adaptive Optics
Organizer(s): D. Cocco (Elettra, Trieste)
E-mail: ilde.weffort@elettra.trieste.it

13 October - 14 October

TWAS Fellowships Selection Committee Meeting
Organizer(s): TWAS Fellowships Office
E-mail: twas

13 October - 15 October

Climate Change Modeling for the Mediterranean Region
Organizer(s): P. Lionello (University of Lecce, Italy), F. Giorgi (ICTP), E. Coppola (ICTP) and M. Zampieri (CNR)
E-mail: hennings@ictp.it
Activity Information

13 October - 21 October

XIII 2008 International Astronomy Olympiad
Organizer(s): INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste et al. (Local organizer: Dr. Conrad Boehm)
E-mail: boehm@oats.inaf.it, ramella@oats.inaf.it
Activity Information

24 October - 25 October (25=Sat)

European Conference on Medical Physics
Organizer(s): EMITEL (Dr. Slavik Tabakov)
E-mail: slavik.tabakov@kcl.ac.uk

10 November - 13 November

Mouse Behavioural Phenotyping
Organizer(s): ICGEB (Prof. G. Tocchini-Valentini)
E-mail: courses@icgeb.org
Activity Information

17 November - 22 November (22=Sat)

Seconda edizione della "Scuola Archivistica d'Autunno"
Organizer(s): International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribor, Archivio di Stato di Trieste, University of Maribor (Local Organizer in Trieste: Dr. Grazia Tato')

24 November

Meeting of ELETTRA Review Committee
Organizer(s): ELETTRA Trieste
E-mail: michela.bassanese@elettra.trieste.it

24 November - 26 November

XVI ELETTRA Users' Meeting
Organizer(s): Ufficio Utenti, Sincrotrone Trieste
Activity Information

24 November - 28 November

Corso di formazione INFN per amministratori di siti GRID
Organizer(s): INFN (Dott. M. Morandin, Dott. V. Ardizzone)
E-mail: mauro.morandin@pd.infn.it

26 November

Meeting of Low Density Matter (LDM) Advisory Committee
Organizer(s): Sincrotrone TS
E-mail: giulia.quondam@elettra.trieste.it

27 November

Kick-off meeting of European project PILOTS (Professionalization in Learning Technology and Science)
Organizer(s): SISSA Medialab.
E-mail: paola@medialab.sissa.it

1 December - 12 December

Corso di formazione INFN su aspetti pratici dell'integrazione di applicazioni in GRID
Organizer(s): INFN (Dott. M. Morandin, Dott. V. Ardizzone)
E-mail: mauro.morandin@pd.infn.it

3 December

Corso regionale per operatori del settore su: "Alcol e idoneita' alla guida"
Organizer(s): Azienda per i Servizi Sanitari No. 1 Triestina(referenti: a.s. Silvia Cosmini e Vanda Manfrin)
E-mail: vanda.manfrin@ass1.sanita.fvg.it

10 December

Corso regionale su: "Prevenzione, cura e controllo del tabagismo: applicazione regionale dei programmi regionali"
Organizer(s): Azienda per i Servizi Sanitari No. 1 Triestina (referenti: a.s. Silvia Cosmini e Vanda Manfrin)
E-mail: vanda.manfrin@ass1.sanita.fvg.it

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The forms, accessed as above, can be used by all to apply for local/travel support from ICTP. In addition, some Member States have signed Agreements with ICTP to make available -- for their own nationals -- a small number of travel fellowships, for participation in various ICTP activities. We list these below, together with the contact information for the relevant agency.

i) China: Bureau of International Cooperation, National Science Foundation of China, email: zhangyt@mail.nsfc.gov.cn, phone: + 86 10 623 26998, fax: + 86 10 623 27004

ii) India: International Cooperation Division, Department of Science and Technology, email: srelia@alpha.nic.in, website: http://dst.gov.in/, http://www.stic-dst.org/, fax: +91 11 268 62418

iii) Iran: International and Scientific Cooperation Office, Isfahan University of Technology, email: isco@cc.iut.ac.ir, website: http://www.iut.ac.ir/, phone: +98 311 391 2505, fax: +98 311 391 2502

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